The one stop match-making platform for communication services
A disruptor in the communication sector

Producer is a match-making platform for communication services. Producer allows users to order all kinds of communication services online in a centralised way, with just a few mouse clicks due to intuitive briefings. From translation to infographics to social media content - it's all there.

Thanks to Producer, hours of searching for service providers or eternal feedback loops with agencies are a thing of the past. Producer finds the ideal match between client and suitable service provider. The entire process is handled seamlessly and centrally on one platform - prices are calculated in real time and project progress can be tracked live via a dashboard. With well thought-out structures, optimised processes, precise algorithms and AI, Producer changes the world of communication.

Roles / Skills
  • Business Development
  • Marketing Strategy
  • UX/UI Design
  • Producer: 2021 - 2022
  • CEO: David Wendelborn & Viorica Mic
  • UX/UI Design: Jan Marx
1. Project scope

I worked in a team of four people to design the Go-To-Market strategy for Producer, including the business development and the marketing strategy. Apart from that I was involved in the construction of the different user flows and service offerings of the Producer platform.

To ensure a smooth purchasing process, for each service offering a different order configurator needed to be created, making sure users are able to order the desired service in a fast, easy and streamlined way.

2. Process flow design

The is an almost endless amount of communication services to chose from and one very crucial element was to narrow down which services we want to offer on the platform.

The second challenge was to establish a clear process flow within the platform to allow easy navigation. Special emphasis was placed on the clear task delegation after order placement, complaints management and delivery.

order processing flow
3. Definition of service range & creation of configurators

The first step was to define the service range Producer will be offering to its clients. The second step entailed to break down the complex order process of a service offering into simple steps that can be translated into a configurator. Depending on the commication service the creation varied in complexity. Some services needed to be broken into subcategories and others fully excluded.

service range of the producer app
4. Visual design & mockup

Based on the different substeps the creation of the configurator prototypes started. The aim was to create a user interface that is clear and simple where the user can intuit the next possible step in the app and track order progress within the dashboard.

configurator mockup
5. Testing & beta launch

The developed configurators and the dashboard were tested through our team as well as from test clients and our service providers to find potetial bottle necks and to increase the order flow. The beta launch of Producer with five different services followed in July 2021.

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