Little Lemon Restaurant
Final project of the Meta front-end developer programme
Macbookscreen containing visual representation of the Littlelemon website
Project description

Little Lemon is a ficticious Chicago based mediterranean restaurant in need of a functional website in order to fulfill customer demands. By utilising the user interface (UI) design process, I created wireframes for features in Figma, and turned them into a minimum viable product (MVP) style prototype.

Roles / Skills
  • UI/UX Design
  • Front-End Development
  • Meta - Front-End Developer Certificate - January 2023
  • Final Project
1. Creation of user personas

Scenarios define the stories and context that lead to a particular user or user group visiting your website. They help make a list of the objectives and questions that need to be answered and sovled throughout the customer journey.

user persona
2. Customer journey map

By designing a customer journey map I created a graphical representation of how a customer interacts with the Little Lemon website at various stages.

3. Wireframing

After completing a paper prototype, I developed digital wireframes. Here I concentrated on hierarchical structure and typography along with developing graphic elements.

4. Brand style guide

The brand style guide built the foundation for the later creation of the high fidelity designs and a website prototype.

moodboard photography
5. From wireframe to high fidelity design

Based on the styleguide and the wireframes I developed high fidelity designs. These build the foundation to be build out later in code.

6. Website prototype using React and Css

By building a static version of the application I applied my understanding of React, frameworks, routing, hooks, bundlers and data fetching.

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